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5896-195F - 19.5" x 6.75" Over Lug Design Simulator Set, 8 Lug, 4 Hand Hole

19.5" x 6.75" Over Lug Design Simulator Set for International, Lo-Pro, Freightliner  8 Lug, 4 Hand Hole 1991-2002

Fits the following dual rear wheel vehicles:

1991 – 2002 International, Lo-Pro, Freightliner, Rim #28680

19.5" x 6.75", 4 Hand Holes/Air Holes and 8 Lug Nuts

One set includes:
2 Front Liners/Dishes with Pop-off Hub Covers
2 Rear Liners/Dishes
16 Nuts (M22 x P1.5 Thread)
16 Lug Nut Covers

These are 304-Grade Stainless Steel. You just need soap and water to clean them up!

Application applies to original equipment manufacturer’s standard production wheels only.
There is no need to jack up your vehicle or to remove any lug nuts when installing this wheel liner set.
1. Install the liner on to the wheel
2. Screw the four (4) extra lug nuts down on the studs extending up through the lug nut holes in the liners for each wheel. These extra nuts will hold the simulators securely in place. Tighten down all extra lug nuts. DO NOT use a power wrench for this purpose.
3. Install the four (4) extra lug nut covers provided for each wheel onto the extra lug nuts.
Installation is complete!

Picture shows 1/2 set, 1 front & 1 rear plus hardware. Each box contains complete set for 4 wheels.

OVERSIZED SHIPMENT – Dimensional Weight Applies



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